March 2024 The Government has fulfilled its commitment to update legislation in relation to 90-day trial periods within its first 100 days. The Employment Relations (Trial Periods) Amendment Bill (Bill) was passed on 21 December 2023, after a fast-tracked process through Parliament. Following Royal Assent, trial periods are now able to be used by all… Read More.

March 2024 Young couples are increasingly reliant on KiwiSaver withdrawals and the ‘bank of mum and dad’ to purchase a home. But what happens if the relationship ends before three years? While it might be assumed that contributions to the purchase would be returned to the people that made them, it’s not a given. Under… Read More.

March 2024 So, you recently started a business. That business is now booming, growth has been exponential, and it has become bigger than you ever imagined. So, what’s the problem? While rapid expansion can be a measure of success, it's essential to navigate this growth carefully. There are several pitfalls you could fall victim to… Read More.

March 2024 The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 imposes legal obligations on everyone conducting business or undertakings to ensure a safe workplace. Sport or recreation organisations should be aware these obligations also apply to them regardless of whether the activity is for profit and even if they are mostly volunteers. The Act imposes… Read More.

March 2024 On 11 December 2023, the Australian Government released its Migration Strategy, which will overhaul the country’s migration programme over the next decade. The strategy builds on findings from the April 2023 Review of the Migration System – the first comprehensive review of Australia's immigration system in a generation. The new strategy introduces five… Read More.

December 2023 Build to Rent (BTR) developments are larger scale multi-unit communities, purpose built for long-term rentals. They are usually characterised by higher quality, durable materials, extra amenities for tenants, proximity to other services (often accessed without a car), long-term tenancies, and more options for tenants to personalise their exclusive areas. An attractive proposition for… Read More.

December 2023 Oh, yes you do. When you start a business with your friends, the big dreams and infectious midnight epiphanies are exciting. The future seems full of promise. And better still, you’re on the same page – you know each other well, and you trust each other implicitly. So why would you need a… Read More.

December 2023 The importance of strategically planning the right vehicle to both build and preserve your assets for future generations has always been important. When doing so, you are likely also to want to ensure that the assets are managed, used, or sold in a way consistent with your intentions. The recent Court of Appeal… Read More.