December 2023 Build to Rent (BTR) developments are larger scale multi-unit communities, purpose built for long-term rentals. They are usually characterised by higher quality, durable materials, extra amenities for tenants, proximity to other services (often accessed without a car), long-term tenancies, and more options for tenants to personalise their exclusive areas. An attractive proposition for… Read More.

December 2023 Oh, yes you do. When you start a business with your friends, the big dreams and infectious midnight epiphanies are exciting. The future seems full of promise. And better still, you’re on the same page – you know each other well, and you trust each other implicitly. So why would you need a… Read More.

December 2023 The importance of strategically planning the right vehicle to both build and preserve your assets for future generations has always been important. When doing so, you are likely also to want to ensure that the assets are managed, used, or sold in a way consistent with your intentions. The recent Court of Appeal… Read More.

December 2023 As we approach the festive season, employers should take note of several key situations that could impact their employment relationships with staff. The Christmas party Every year, harassment, including sexual harassment at the Christmas party, is one of the most common complaints that employers receive. This makes it important that employers implement policies… Read More.

December 2023 The Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) allows for any person to make a request for a district plan to be amended. This is known as a private plan change. In this article we explain what a private plan change is, and what the process involves. District plans govern land use throughout New Zealand.… Read More.

September 2023 Signing a commercial lease is a step most businesses will have to take. The lease sets out the terms and conditions under which the tenant will occupy a commercial property. This article outlines a number of essential factors a prospective tenant should consider when evaluating and negotiating a commercial lease in New Zealand.… Read More.

September 2023 It has been a long and winding road, but the Government has achieved its aspirations to reform the resource management system in New Zealand. The replacement legislation, the Natural and Built Environment Act (NBEA) and the Spatial Planning Act (SPA) was given Royal Assent on 23 August 2023. While the NBEA and SPA… Read More.

September 2023 Personal Grievance and Sexual Harassment A large light has been shining directly onto sexual harassment in the workplace. The light is exposing the disconcerting reality that sexual harassment exists but often goes unreported. The Employment Relations (Extended Time for Personal Grievance for Sexual Harassment) Amendment Act 2023 (the Act) extends the time for… Read More.