December 2023 Build to Rent (BTR) developments are larger scale multi-unit communities, purpose built for long-term rentals. They are usually characterised by higher quality, durable materials, extra amenities for tenants, proximity to other services (often accessed without a car), long-term tenancies, and more options for tenants to personalise their exclusive areas. An attractive proposition for… Read More.

September 2023 Signing a commercial lease is a step most businesses will have to take. The lease sets out the terms and conditions under which the tenant will occupy a commercial property. This article outlines a number of essential factors a prospective tenant should consider when evaluating and negotiating a commercial lease in New Zealand.… Read More.

June 2022 Nuts & Bolts The agreement An ‘off the plans’ agreement will be for a specific house or apartment in a development. An agreement can include conditions such as the purchaser arranging suitable finance and doing due diligence. If someone is considering purchasing a property ‘off the plans’ they should get a lawyer to… Read More.

March 2022 The Resource Management (Enabling Housing Supply and Other Matters) Amendment Bill which seeks to rapidly accelerate the supply of housing in urban areas has been passed into law. From August 2022, councils will be forced to allow townhouses of up to three storeys with up to three dwellings on almost all residential sites… Read More.

March 2022 What is it? Buying a property that has not yet been built, or is in the process of being built, is commonly called buying ‘off the plans’. There are quite a few differences compared to buying a property that already exists. Buying off the plans is often a way to buy into a… Read More.

November 2021 For a number of clients subdividing off part of their land is a successful formula for reducing their debt but there’s not one of them that steps back from the process and says ‘wow, that was easy…’. It’s not that the process is difficult, it’s just that there are a few steps involved… Read More.

June 2021 It is no secret that New Zealand is in the midst of a housing crisis. The housing crisis has been well documented in the media and has been a key political issue as successive Governments have searched for ways to create affordable rental housing and make homeownership an achievable proposition for New Zealanders.… Read More.

March 2021 Unit titles are becoming more popular and more complex as we see limited greenfield space available for housing, and limited funding for greenfields infrastructure, making infill an easier and more efficient land use option. This article looks at the basics of forming a unit title development from a fee simple section. Creating a… Read More.