March 2024 So, you recently started a business. That business is now booming, growth has been exponential, and it has become bigger than you ever imagined. So, what’s the problem? While rapid expansion can be a measure of success, it's essential to navigate this growth carefully. There are several pitfalls you could fall victim to… Read More.

December 2023 Oh, yes you do. When you start a business with your friends, the big dreams and infectious midnight epiphanies are exciting. The future seems full of promise. And better still, you’re on the same page – you know each other well, and you trust each other implicitly. So why would you need a… Read More.

July 2023 Did you know that the liquidator of a company can sometimes lay claim to assets held by other companies in your group? This article will outline when a liquidator can do that, and things you can do to increase your chances of defending this challenge. When can a liquidator of a company lay… Read More.

July 2023 The Commerce Commission is recommending to businesses that are considering lodging or giving effect to a land covenant to consider the potential impact on competition, and whether the covenant is at risk of breaching the Commerce Act 1986. What is a covenant? The definition of ‘covenant’ is in section 2 of the Commerce… Read More.

November 2022 A new Bill has been drawn from the ballot in Parliament that, if enacted, will bring some positive news to wineries with cellar doors. After a few years of limited visitors and staffing shortages we are pleased to report on some good news for the industry. This article discusses the proposed legislation and… Read More.

November 2022 Recent changes to the Fair Trading Act 1986 will affect most New Zealand businesses. Now is the time for businesses to familiarise themselves with the new rules to ensure their contracts and processes are compliant. Unfair contract terms The ban on unfair contract terms apply to standard form business-to-business contracts where the parties… Read More.

March 2022 The Incorporated Societies Bill has progressed further through Parliament after completing the select committee process. The Incorporated Societies Bill will replace the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 which is over one hundred years old. This Bill will provide a much-needed update to New Zealand’s incorporated societies laws and bring some significant changes for how… Read More.

November 2021 When you are entering into a new venture the opportunities seem endless and everyone is positive about goals and working relationships. However, as we unfortunately see so often, things do not always go to plan. A well drafted shareholder agreement can be worth its weight in gold when working relationships sour. A shareholder… Read More.