September 2023 The Water Services Act 2021 represents an important change to the regulation of drinking water in New Zealand that will require modifications to many existing water schemes, particularly for rural suppliers. Created in response to the Havelock North campylobacter outbreak, the Act imposes significant obligations on owners and operators of ‘drinking water supplies’… Read More.

September 2023 The Government may be hoping that strategic changes to the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) announced recently will tip the balance in New Zealand’s favour when skilled migrants weigh up their relocation options. At the least, the introduction of a maximum continuous stay period for all AEWV holders should give workers more certainty… Read More.

July 2023 Did you know that the liquidator of a company can sometimes lay claim to assets held by other companies in your group? This article will outline when a liquidator can do that, and things you can do to increase your chances of defending this challenge. When can a liquidator of a company lay… Read More.

July 2023 The environmental, social and governance business framework known as ESG has been around for a long time, but how will it affect the construction industry and local authorities? NZCS1, NZCS2 and NSCS3 are new Aotearoa New Zealand Climate Standards – with No.1 being general requirements for climate-related disclosures. These are requirements under the… Read More.

July 2023 The Commerce Commission is recommending to businesses that are considering lodging or giving effect to a land covenant to consider the potential impact on competition, and whether the covenant is at risk of breaching the Commerce Act 1986. What is a covenant? The definition of ‘covenant’ is in section 2 of the Commerce… Read More.

July 2023 In New Zealand, employees have the right to work for other employers, even if they are already employed full-time. To prevent this, employers can include terms in their employment agreements that prevent or restrict their employees from working multiple jobs. However, rules in the Employment Relations Act 2000 (Act) limit the employer’s rights… Read More.

July 2023 In today's market, consumers are increasingly reliant on online reviews when deciding what to buy and where to buy it from. That reliance is not only the case for high commitment purchases such as cars or electronics, but is also true for smaller decisions such as what restaurant to choose. It's not surprising… Read More.

March 2023 If you have ever sold a house or been to an open home, you will appreciate the importance of the house being made sale-ready. That usually means tidying up the garden, washing the windows, reducing clutter and attending to some of those matters of deferred maintenance. Essentially, it is about making the house… Read More.