November 2016 Recently, we were asked whether a lessee under a farm lease was allowed to grant a licence to a beekeeper for a honey venture. Was the landlord required to consent to this? Was it a breach of the lease if it had already been done? Surprisingly, there is very little case law on… Read More.

November 2016 Campylobacter outbreak in Havelock North The recent water crisis in Havelock North is the biggest outbreak of waterborne disease ever recorded in New Zealand. According to the Hawke’s Bay District Health Board, approximately 5200 people, one third of the town’s population, were struck by the campylobacter disease, which contaminated the town’s water supply.… Read More.

June 2016 Landlords and insurance companies have been dismayed to learn that the Court of Appeal has decided that residential tenants don’t have to reimburse their landlord (or insurer) where their rental property is damaged. This means that even though residential tenants don’t pay for insurance they get the benefit of the landlord’s insurance. The… Read More.

June 2016 This article looks at what is involved in due diligence for a commercial building and why it’s such a good idea. When buying a commercial property, make the agreement subject to a ‘due diligence’ clause so you don’t have to go ahead if you find a problem. The Big Twelve Check that all… Read More.

June 2016 Legal position It is well established that an employer is not bound to hold a job open indefinitely for an employee who is unable, due to illness or injury, to attend work. However, if an employer does decide to dismiss for incapacity, that can be challenged through the personal grievance process as set… Read More.

June 2016 The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (‘the Act’) came into force on 4 April 2016, bringing new responsibilities for everyone in the workplace. The Act is part of a reform package aimed at reducing the number of serious work-related injuries and deaths in New Zealand by at least 25 percent by… Read More.

June 2016 As drones become a much more familiar sight buzzing over public events, commercial premises or around homes and parks, it’s wise to remember that these are not just toys but are legally considered to be a type of aircraft – albeit unmanned – having to abide by rules and regulations as set out… Read More.

June 2016 What should you do when your employee is missing in action? How do you handle the employee who just doesn’t turn up? Has your employee abandoned employment? This seems to happen more often than you would expect – and in some industries, it is not at all uncommon. There are at least two… Read More.