March 2018 The search for your first home or investment property is an incredibly exciting but often daunting process. There are a number of factors to consider before finding the property that is right for you, and it pays to be as organised as possible to ensure that you can act quickly when the perfect… Read More.

March 2018 Succession planning is a vital task for the long term success of any family farming business, but it can be a daunting exercise. The following article considers four possible succession structures commonly used by farming families. 1.       Trusts Perhaps the most well-known option, placing farming property into a trust, provides the following benefits:… Read More.

March 2018 Our clients regularly present us with novel situations (the spice of life is always welcome!). Some of these involve the law around rapid advances in technology and the consumerism that follows. With such change, we find ourselves researching an ever-evolving range of laws that have been developed to meet the new world. Think… Read More.

March 2018 Many family assets in New Zealand are owned by a family trust. The trustees of such trusts must comply with a wide range of duties and obligations. This article considers one of those duties, the trustee duty of impartiality, and what this duty means in practice, particularly when trustees want to distribute trust… Read More.

March 2018 Legislation introduced by the Government at the end of last year and expected to be passed soon will tighten the rules around foreign ownership of residential property. In the main, only New Zealand citizens, Australian citizens or New Zealand permanent residents who satisfy certain conditions will have the right to buy a home… Read More.